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EWOCprojects tools collection

Bug reports go to : paleajed@gmail.com

Download EWOCprojects tools collection.

Enable in UserPreferences -> Mesh.
Advantage being compact mesh tools button menu and incorporation of tools in W-menu.
Addons not included RotView, TranspRef and Chromolys Ruler.
Also Fiber not included because of sizeable parameter structure (download it below).
Also RotWheel not included because at the moment it needs parameters set/read in the addon file itself.

Separate EWOCprojects addons

Blender 2.8:

LapRelax - smoothing mesh keeping volume

EdgeTune - tuning edgeloops by redrawing them manually, sliding verts.

StraightenPlus - straighten out connected edges between endpoints

Blender 2.49 and older:

KnifePro - more advanced alternative for Blender's Knife tool.

Blender 2.63 and newer:

EdgeTune - tuning edgeloops by redrawing them manually, sliding verts.

TranspRef - unlimited transparent positionable reference images.

Quadder - fills selected border verts/edges area with quads.

ParEdge - inserting of new edges parallel to the selected edges.

EdgeGrow - grow connected edges selection with arrow keys.

FanConnect - connects multiple selected verts to one single other vert.

FastOrigin - set object origin with snapping.

RotView - set fixed view rotation values.

CreaPrim - turning active object into primitive

LapRelax - smoothing mesh keeping volume

GreaseParticles - drawing particles with grease pencil

DeathGuppie - local subdivision algorithm

StraightenPlus - straighten out connected edges between endpoints

FloodSel - flood-(de)select connected areas

InnerWeld - weld parallel connected edges together

SelProject - select vertices inside objects projection

DeCouple - temporarily unparent parent and children

KeepTrans - remove ChildOf constraint and keep transforms

MeshSymm - selecting and constructing of mesh elements with n-point symmetry

PreSel - enables mesh element preselection highlighting

FPSFly - FPS viewport navigation

LWOExport - exporter for the LightWave .lwo file format

made for Dynamo webseries by KarmaPirates:

TimeOffset - offset animation on duplicated object groups

     Updated for 2.63:  wheelrotation script by littleneo

RotWheel - automatic rotation and steering for wheels

     Updated for 2.63:  Chromolys Ruler addon

Chromolys Ruler - versatile ruler/measurements tool

     Updated for 2.63:  Campbell Bartons "Poly Reducer (Unsubsurf)"

PolyRedux - reduces polygons / keeps faceloops

     Updated for 2.63:  RipStings Fiber addon:

Fiber - create fibers/grass/hair meshes

     Branched - original edgefillet by zmj100:

FilletPlus - fillet one or several mesh corners