menu Home menu Home menu EWOCvj menu EWOCvj menu VenetianMask menu VenetianMask menu BlenderScripts menu BlenderScripts EWOCprojects stands for "Eyes Wide Open Creation projects". It is the name for everything concerning the software applications written by me, Gert De Roost, a 37 year old Belgian computer hobbyist, the people involved and any activities surrounding the applications. At the moment the software content of this site consists of some Blender modeling addons: (Download EWOCprojects tools collection on this page) * KnifePro: a versatile substitute for Blenders knife tool * EdgeTune: a tool for rearranging edgeloops by sliding verts * TranspRef: unlimited transparent positionable reference images * Quadder: fills selected border verts/edges area with quads * ParEdge: inserting of new edges parallel to the selected edges * EdgeGrow: growing connected edges selection with arrow keys * FanConnect: connects multiple selected verts to one single * FilletPlus: fillet one or several mesh corners * FastOrigin: set object origin with snapping * RotView: set fixed view rotation values * CreaPrim: turning active object into primitive * LapRelax: smoothing mesh keeping volume * GreaseParticles: drawing particles with grease pencil * Fiber: create fibers/grass/hair meshes * DeathGuppie: local subdivision algorithm * PolyRedux: reduces polys / keeps faceloops * StraightenPlus: straighten out connected edges * FloodSel: flood-(de)select connected areas * InnerWeld: weld parallel connected edges together * Chromolys Ruler: versatile ruler/measurements tool * SelProject: select vertices inside objects projection * RotWheel: automatic rotation and steering for wheels * DeCouple: temporarily unparent parent and children * KeepTrans: remove ChildOf constraint and keep transforms * TimeOffset: offset animation on duplicated object groups * MeshSymm: select and constructing with n-point symmetry * PreSel: enables mesh element preselection highlighting * FPSFly: FPS viewport navigation * LWOExport: Exporter addon for the LightWave .lwo file format Then there is the Python graphical application Venetian Mask (Blender script Venice Mask in a previous development cycle) which involves constructing image masks featuring a new, user-friendly and interactive use of the standard 'magic wand' tool, an extensive preview system, interactive parameter adjustment and a node-based structure. For Mac, Windows and Linux. Then there is our new flagship application, EWOCvj , which is a full-featured videomixing application developed using the multimedia framework Pure Data with some C and Python structures created for it. The application is quite a beast to set up, but now there is also a LiveCD available. Much easier! EWOCvj is under continual development but can be used and is already used for variable VJ tasks. To use the program one needs one or two quadcore computers (PAL 720x576 output) or dual core (320x240) and the application is specifically written to be used with the Vestax VCI-100 MIDI mixing'n'scratching deck. When using two computers, one can VJ with two persons, the video database being on both machines, with one preparing videos with loop and effect settings and sending all this data to the other machine, where the other person performs the live mix. EWOCvj features 46 realtime video effects with 5 effects per deck (two decks A and B) and per-deck saturation settings, 10 video wipes, a normal and inverse chroma key, one video+effect monitor per deck, Quicktime recording of monitors or mix, 32 video bank in 4 saveable 8 video parts, 8 videos in preset bank for direct triggering with Korg NANOpad2 and another NANOpad2 serves as loop input recorder/player. Videos and parts can be sent to other locations on the same or other machine. Most effects have a parameter, controlled by a turning knob. The video database consists of Quicktime movies 720x576 25f and one needs to transcode to the dv or Photo JPEG codec. We know this program needs a load of setup and hardware, thats why we would really like to know if anyone is using it on any projects, also feedback and feature requests are always welcome. Also arrangements can be made if help is wanted getting the setup together. Consider this program "feedback-ware", if you use it, let us know! EWOCvj screenshot - click for enlargement.